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Behind the Brand


"She was just an ordinary woman, an average mom who had the classic problem of finding balance in her work-life, then one day decided to quit her 9-5 job at a pharmaceutical company simply because she wanted to watch her children grow right before her eyes. At that time, her husband had a trading business supplying raw materials to food and cosmetic manufacturers, so it was easy for them to get access to all kinds of raw materials. During those years of being a stay-at-home mom, she spent her minimal free time taking courses on cosmetic formulation and experimenting with cosmetic raw materials in a small corner in her kitchen. Five years down the road, Daughters of Malaya was born out of passion, patience, and a desire to make a change."


Founded by Dayana Zul and her husband, Rai Ahmad in January 2019, Daughters of Malaya started its business by selling three different varieties of handmade cleansing balm - Charcoal, Makeup Melter and Matcha.


As demand steadily increased, productions automatically grew larger as well. So in May 2019, Daughters of Malaya decided to outsource two of its cleansing balms - Charcoal and Shea Butter (originally known as Makeup Melter) - while still maintaining their original formulations.


Fast forward a year later in mid-2020, Daughters of Malaya has since been rebranded to better define its identity, philosophy and values.


Daughters of Malaya aims to provide high quality products that customers can trust. It is also here to stop the sudden rise of fear-mongering tactics among natural skincare and the beauty industry. Daughters of Malaya is a huge fan of natural beauty. But it is also a big fan of science and facts.


Daughters of Malaya Core Values:

  • transparent ingredient
  • truthful claim
  • honest price
  • trusted relationship
  • sincere business